The Priorities Project

This site is the bee's knees

The bad news? Not launching this blog the first week of March, as I had originally planned.

The good? It’s because I’ve been inspired by what I think is a bigger idea. One that’s going to take more prep, and more research.

My new target start date is the beginning of April – and it WON’T be housed on this site.

I’ll post the new link, new URL — and new intention in a little over a month.

I’m VERY excited. I think it’s an idea that is fresh, interesting, and might be of help to a SIGNIFICANT portion of the population that is in need of it.

Stay tuned – the “Priorities Project” is coming out of beta…

And I’m excited to show you my new idea…coming soon.


Nothing to see here. Not yet.

This blog launches March 4. See you then.